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Believe…Part II

Marginal gains, small percentage shifts in how you perceive yourself opens a whole new field of opportunity and possibility for those willing to go through the work to address and overcome impostor syndrome.

How a Boss Can Become a Leader (Part 2)

True leaders will look at their employees as humans, with potential to grow and get better. Understanding this, leaders will work to develop people into future leaders, which in turn will make them look better.

Improving your Financial Health – Part 2

Saving for emergencies is a fantastic habit that everyone should be doing. As I’m sure you know life can sometimes throw curveballs at us which just mess up all our plans

How to ‘Flip’ and Beat the Luck of the Draw

👉 Change the way you think The way you think creates your success. If you find yourself blaming other people or circumstances for your lack of success, you need to take responsibility for your choices.