How to ‘Flip’ and Beat the Luck of the Draw

Change the way you think

The way you think creates your success. If you find yourself blaming other people or circumstances for your lack of success, you need to take responsibility for your choices.

Why would you want to be a victim and give away your power, when you can choose to create your success?

Here are some common limiting beliefs and how to ‘flip’ them around

1. There’s too much competition. There’s already a similar business in the local area

You are unique. It doesn’t matter how much competition is out there, you can still attract your own customer base.

To attract clients, you need to show how different you are from the competition. There’s plenty of room in the market for everyone.

We have over 7 billion people in the world— I bet your business couldn’t handle them all.

2. It’s always quiet at this time of the year

Maybe, maybe not. If it is, you need to think about how you can shift your offerings to create some demand when it’s quiet?

3. People don’t understand what I do

Reach out to a handful of people to find out what they think you do and what they need, so you can turn this around.

4. I’m not very good at selling

It’s just a skillset we all need to learn if you want to grow a business.

My old man used to say “practice makes permanent…practise and improve, over and over again.”

I spent 18 months learning and developing my own sales pitch/calls – my discovery (sales) calls.

Each time, I improved my skills and now I convert far more than I could ever imagine.

5. Everyone else is more successful than me

Again, how do you know this to be true? And if they are, then what can you learn from them about how they created that success?

They will have had to overcome things to create that success, to have worked on their mindset, built their skills, etc.

How can you emulate some of the actions they’ve taken to create your own success?

? I challenge you to decide today that you’re not going to be a victim anymore!

Be okay with making mistakes

You’re in business.

Mistakes. Are. Okay.

If you don’t make mistakes, then you won’t learn. And making mistakes is a great way to help you get over future fear.

So, failure can be good. Why?

  • It keeps you grounded (it helps you lose the ego).
  • It gives you opportunities to experiment.
  • You can get curious and try new ways of doing things.
  • Once you’ve learned all the ways not to do something, you can then work on making things better for next time.

Any successful business owner will tell you they’ve failed at some point.

When you’re not afraid of failure, you’re much more likely to get brave and put yourself forward for new opportunities—and even to create some for yourself.

Next Steps

? Write down all the “mistakes” you believe you’ve made, and consider how they’ve actually been beneficial to you growing your business in the long run.

What can you learn from them, and how can you apply this learning to your business?

Put yourself forward for new opportunities

Don’t wait for opportunities—get brave and reach out.

Don’t wait for opportunities—get brave and reach out.

If you’re constantly expecting others to reach out to work with you, you’re missing a trick. Instead create a habit of spending time building connections and relationships.

This means sometimes leaping in and offering your services, as well as accepting those challenging opportunities that come your way.

If you only do this one thing as your marketing strategy, you will attract clients.

Yes, it can feel daunting. What’s the worst response you can get?

Over the years, whenever I’ve been brave in putting myself forward for opportunities, I’ve had really good results. I’ve been proactive by sharing how I can help people fill gaps they didn’t even realise they had.

This continues to help me and my coaching and mentoring practice develop and grow.


So are you ready flip a situation to your advantage and to create your own luck?

  1. Change the way you think
  2. Be okay with making mistakes
  3. Put yourself forward for new opportunities

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