Systems Business Coaching

Certified Systems Business CoachAs a Certified Systems Business Coach® (SBC), I know what tools your business needs to grow and flourish. SBC provides a methodology for entrepreneurs, coaches and business development professionals to succeed. Our programmes feature 1:1 coaching, group programmes, online courses, and resources for any industry.

Systems Business Coaching

Systems Business Coach Inc.® provides small business owners with education, coaching, and training to help their enterprises scale and grow. It uses adult learning principles and the best practices of coaching to get under the skin of every system in your company. Then we hand you the tools to repair anything that isn’t working.

Bespoke level of support

The level of support you need depends on the life you want to create for yourself. As a Certified Systems Business Coach®, I can deliver programmes 1:1 or to a larger group. You benefit from online resources and support on tap from someone who has walked in your shoes and has supported scores of small businesses across many industries.

Tried and tested formula

I can help you build a business that works using the proven SBC framework and coaching methodology. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with a small business, you’re a coach or you’ve been running your own firm for 30 years, I can give you the tools you need to make your small business a success.

Bigoh Coaching

Let’s build the exceptional business you deserve

I support you by combining my practical small business experience with my academic background to provide an environment where you can discover and find answers to the challenges ahead. By working together, we will tease out the obstacles – some of which you might not even realise are there – and get over them.
You might be a leader looking for ways to inspire and motivate your people, a manager looking for a better way to drive results or an entrepreneur with a great idea you want to take to market. I’ve worked with former public and private sector clients and have a wealth of experience at every step of the business journey.
Certified Systems Business Coach

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Bayo Igoh

Having worked for many years in leadership positions within the public, private and voluntary sectors, I became fascinated by the methodology behind professional achievement – and how certain people would thrive where others did not. Combining this passion and practical experience with my academic achievements, I set up and founded my own coaching and mentoring practice, Bigoh Coaching.

Luckily for me, with time, experience, practice, and patience, I have reached that lifelong milestone of being unapologetically thankful for the multitude of positions, roles, and responsibilities I have had. All have served as an example, inspiring me to have and lead a meaningful life, to live with integrity, optimism, hope, determination, and compassion.

My experiences – both in life and in professional settings – have shown me that with the right knowledge, strategies and support you can have a thriving business without burning out.

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