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What’s it like to have Coaching Superpowers

I have seen myself, business owners, partners and associates struggle under the weight of their own stories when just a few simple shifts in perspective have opened tremendous new possibilities and options for them.

How a Boss Can Become a Leader (Part 2)

True leaders will look at their employees as humans, with potential to grow and get better. Understanding this, leaders will work to develop people into future leaders, which in turn will make them look better.

How a Boss Can Become a Leader (Part 1)

“As I began my career in management, it soon became apparent that, being a good manager was not enough. I needed to be more, do more, deliver more, share and be more…my bosses could not but the leaders I met could and did often.”

10 Tips to Growing a Successful Business (Part 1)

To have a successful Business today- You Need to BE: 1. Determined This, for me, is the number one trait you need to succeed. As you learn to run and grow your own business there will be many successes – and when you have a success it can be easier to keep going. But (unless […]