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Home learning, schooling and working – Part 2/3

We use our ‘together time’s, e.g. lunch and dinner and down time to have a little catch-up on the day, days and weeks ahead. It helps to break down the monotony and look at what was good or not so good previously. It helps us to address our expectations, the use of laptops, computers, mobiles, a case in point and when we are working or schooling.

Financial assistance during uncertain times – Covid19

It’s been another very difficult week, lots going on personally, individually, socially and collectively. I just wanted to get in touch with you all to update you on some of the measures brought into place by Government that will in the first case help you to manage your finances during this difficult time.

Are You a Business Owner?

Would you like to double the value of your business within 2-3 years? Would you like to be more productive?  Do you need to increase sales, appointments or improve customer service?