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Believe…Part II

Marginal gains, small percentage shifts in how you perceive yourself opens a whole new field of opportunity and possibility for those willing to go through the work to address and overcome impostor syndrome.

Believe…Part I

What made it even more galling was the fact that most apparent cause of this experience was that many of my peers, colleagues, and bosses were, in the main, white-male, and “not as educated” as me.

3 Ways to Rewire your Brain

A positive attitude is the key to living a successful and happy life. So why does it feel like our brains are so good at focusing on negative situations?

Get in a Routine – Form a Habit – Part 2

Note: This is the final part of our the article “Get in a Routine – Form a Habit”. If you haven’t read Part 1, check it out here. This pandemic has created an unsettled nature of its own, this experience makes it challenging to ground into a new routine or get started on bold ambitions.