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Believe…Part II

Marginal gains, small percentage shifts in how you perceive yourself opens a whole new field of opportunity and possibility for those willing to go through the work to address and overcome impostor syndrome.

Believe…Part I

What made it even more galling was the fact that most apparent cause of this experience was that many of my peers, colleagues, and bosses were, in the main, white-male, and “not as educated” as me.

Your Belief System – Questionnaire

Like all stories, the formation of your belief system has a beginning, middle and end; heroes, heroines, villains and bit-part players; a main theme and subplots.

Belief Systems and How They Shape Us

Your belief system has a huge impact on your everyday life – from the way you react to people and situations to the way you make the smallest decision. If your behaviour is controlled by a fundamental belief you have about yourself, you will find it almost impossible to change the behaviour without first changing […]

10 Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back

Your thoughts are powerful, so are your words, mind chatter and the things you say to yourself. These thoughts are a support tool that guides you towards your goals. When you don’t believe you can, you won’t.

5 beliefs that can help you to avoid procrastination and achieve your goals

n fact, around 95% of us will procrastinate at one point or another, according to research by psychologist Dr Pier Steels.

While it is a common occurrence, avoiding work that needs to be done can have a serious impact on our health. Research shows that the peaks of anxiety from chronic-procrastination can cause stress-related health problems such as headaches, digestive issues, insomnia and regular illness.