Lead Generation Strategies that Would Work for Your Business – Questions I Ask my Clients…

What do you know about your business?

Do you have a solid understanding of certain marketing metrics and targeting data to get the most out of your business, what it does and what you would like your business to do?

How are you using your numbers to help you to understand the path to your chosen success?

When was the last time you set or reset your marketing goals?

How laser focused are you on who your customers are and how many of them are needed to call the marketing investment a success?

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It is important to try to be realistic and base numbers on reality where possible. The numbers that run your business include (not exhaustive):

How many new customers are needed in a specified period?

How many leads are needed to be converted into those needed customers?

What action is taken or needed to get the appropriate number of leads?

If you don’t know what your traffic or lead conversion numbers are like, you can use some industry averages to set your benchmarks. 

It is not uncommon for only 1% of your visitors to convert into leads. It is also not uncommon for you to convert 5% of your leads into customers.

What are you doing to build a targeting strategy?

How are you identifying your ideal buyer personas and your businesses’ ideal buyer profiles? Buyer personas are the fictional representations of your perfect customer, the human behind the decisions and influence of any successful deal. Profiles are the ideal and non-ideal attributes of the businesses where your personas can be found.

The persona build-out, can prove to be the cornerstone to good lead generation strategy. It involves more than what is in your head – it involves connecting with your ideal customers and asking questions about:

  • Demographics
  • Their role at work
  • A day in their life
  • What challenges they face every day
  • What solutions they are constantly looking for
  • Where they go for information

Not only will you benefit from knowing this from a marketing perspective, but you will get some incredible insights as to how to improve production.

Even with knowing all the above (we will not) and therefore having the information at your fingertips;

? What are you doing to need to build your business’s content marketing strategy.

? What does this involve in reality?

? What are the various stages of the buyer’s journey to your services and/or products?

? With this you can then think of developing an offer. How are you going about promoting that offer?

There are proven ways to get your business profitable. With a good coach, tools, system, and processes, together you can work to interrogate your numbers, habits, strategies, customers, and suppliers and understand where your money is coming (and not coming) from.

There are proven ways to get more business.  Chances are you are so busy running your business, you have not had time to reflect, identify and look at how best to invest in reaching your unique target market.

proven ways to get business

None of the above is easy. It is doable. I think you will be amazed at the potential outcomes collaborating with a good coach can deliver. I would be happy to meet to discuss how the above applies to you and your business.

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