Why you need Personal or Career Coaching

The sun has been out. Do I note a spring in your step?  If not, read on.

You have been given a snippet or two of what a coach can do.  Coaching has become instrumental in helping leaders get to the next level and sustain high levels of well-being.

According to the Hay Group (a major human-resources consultancy), between 25 – 40% of Fortune 500 companies use coaching.

Coaching is a form of development in which a coach helps a person in a way they wish, and helping them go in that direction or supporting a person in becoming who they want to be.

Coaching in essence can:

Boost your overall wellbeing

Coaching can hugely benefit your overall well-being. Whatever issues you are facing in life, working with your coach is all about putting you back in the driving seat and equipping you with the road map.

You’ll feel in control of your life again – so your struggles will become easier to handle and you’ll feel happier, more positive and supported, and confident about getting out there and pursuing your dreams.  

Improve your leadership skills

Working with a coach will help to hone essential leadership skills. The strategies you learn will not only make you a better listener, but also train you to adopt powerful questioning skills, which you can then apply to analysing business success, managing others, and implementing changes in both work and life.

These traits are so important, whether you’re leading staff within your own business, or aiming to get ahead as an employee.

Identify new ways to move forward in times of change or crisis

Coaching is non-directive personal and professional development. Coaching helps in identifying new and creative options and a way forward in times of change or crisis. Getting a coach to help you during a major transition period can help you deal with significant issues in a professional way.

I help people to learn and set goals that stretch them beyond their ‘comfort zone’.  I focus on improving performance and developing skills (and can also help resolve personal issues which impact on work performance) and provide valuable feedback to encourage greater self-awareness.

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