How Will a Coach Help Me?

Recently, I wrote about the work I did with an up and coming author. I asked the following questions (I love asking questions):

? How do you coach an author?
? Why would you coach an author?
More importantly, why would a budding author on the brink of publishing his first book come to an Executive Coach?

Phil Hickes

You might want to consider answering these questions:

How often do competing priorities interfere with your choices?

How many goals have you forgotten or pushed aside?

How easily do you consider different perspectives?

If, like so many, your answers indicate the challenges with time and space to think or deliver, then you have answered the title question.

A coach, using techniques and skills fine-tuned during coaching certification will empower you to prioritise, strategise, and effectively create the meaningful change you choose.

A trained coach partners with you in a process that puts you in charge of being your own best expert. 

During the author’s coaching session, we explored the elements for planning the publication of his first book and how he defined each:

1. Value – what unique value will this book bring to his potential readership.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses – his strengths and how to maximise them; his weaknesses and how to manage them.

3. Goals – what were they and how would they play out in delivering his first book on time.

4. Timeline – putting his goals on a timeline that encompasses the short term and on a big picture approach for the long term.

5. Network – who is in my network that could help, advise, assist as opposed to ploughing on alone. 

The exploration highlighted what the author had to offer. Next, I asked about an action plan for each of the elements. 

My client was able to define action steps that involved doing as well as actions that focused on thinking, reflecting, and being aware.

This is an example of incorporating both who the client is and what they do as discussed in my coach training.

Feel inspired?

Would you like to work with a coach? 

When was the last time you were given the opportunity to think and feel deeply then move into experiencing what you want professionally and personally?

Now, let’s think again, how will a coach help me?

I think you’ll be amazed at the potential outcomes working with a good coach can deliver.

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