My approach consists of honest, ongoing dialogue and setting clear goals. Remember, this is not me holding your hand. My job is to help you become accountable and responsible for your own path to success, and to be conscious of the things holding you back. Having a structured approach allows us to create the environment which will make you become better at this over time, ultimately learning to achieve your potential.

Initially I’ll need to find out all about you and your current situation. You can tell me as much or as little as you like, but the aim here is to get an idea of what makes you tick, what makes you happy and what’s holding you back. We’ll discuss your dreams and ambitions, as well as what keeps you up at night. Your professional relationships and career challenges will be a key part of this discussion.

This is the goal setting stage. We’ll look at what you want to achieve and what realistically needs to happen to get there. By creating a strategy to remove the blocks and overcome the challenges your path to success will become clearer. We’ll put together a timeline and commit to sticking to it.

An essential part of growth and development is support. Regular check-in sessions are a chance to discuss how your journey is going, and address any challenges. More importantly, it is how I will hold you accountable to sticking to our plan. These sessions can take the form of face to face meetings or through video calling. In between these sessions, phone calls and text messaging provides a further support channel.

Review and Evaluation
Review and evaluation are crucial. Circumstances change, new challenges arise, motivation and willpower goes through highs and lows. By evaluating progress we can identify the things impeding it. In turn, reviewing the plan allows us to optimise it. This constant cycle removes procrastination and ensures action.