Achieving Strategic Business Success: what people see – what people don’t see

Keeping your head clear, your confidence high, and your focus strong are vital in maintaining forward momentum. If time management is not your forte, you will be inevitably tired, buried in the day to day routine and unable to see beyond tomorrow. As a result you don’t solve problems.

In previous roles achieving strategic business success, high levels of performance and ultimate customer satisfaction, it was important to have clarity and a sense of purpose. There was usually a team or collective tasked with helping me to achieve this, addressing the day to day routines – leaving me time and space to be strategic.

It soon dawned on me that running my own business would be no different.  The action needed was not immediate. There was no longer an army or team of people set up to do this for me.

Furthermore, as with many aspects of life, I had to overcome the usual gremlins, time management procrastination, fear of failure and the unknown.  But I also knew any further delay could hinder the success I have achieved to date, my own personal development and my practice’s growth.

Keeping my head clear, my confidence high, and focus strong were vital in maintaining forward momentum.  Fortune often favours the prepared mind. Clarity of thought, time and space would help me grow my practice, develop myself and hone in on my coaching, mentoring and facilitating skills.

It was time to take the plunge. As the iceberg shows, behind my recent successes there have been innumerable sacrifices, development of a growth mindset, rejections, mistakes, fear, apologists, soothsayers,  my determination, good habits, that have led to taking action.

Business success

As I have learned through my previous experiences and engagements, improving business processes can be a great way to increase the value, efficiency and growth of a business. Well, that’s what I soon began to realise when my business was soon getting the better of me.  As my coaching and mentoring practice began to grow and change rapidly, it soon became obvious that I needed help.

RobWalker  has performed wonders, (in my humble opinion) pitching original and perceptive concepts for me and my burgeoning business. The programme has been open and involved some great discussions and debates.

I was challenged and allowed to challenge Rob during the process.  I was given scope and encouraged to play a significant part. Always ready to receive and give quick feedback, Rob has proved to be a valuable and reliable partner to my business.

I’m very happy with our collaboration. Rob is well on the way to deliver a product of the highest standard and quality, and I would highly recommend Rob to any person or business looking to get their systems and processes in order.  The collaboration and final end product will give me much needed room to really grow my practice, enhance my company’s image and concentrate on my areas of expertise, coaching, mentoring and facilitating.

I made a decision to go it alone.  Many successful people have similarly gone through a journey of ups and downs in their lives, but kept going.  My decision to review my systems and processes to grow my practice successfully is proving to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. It has proved to be a successful collaboration.

Success is what you want it to be and not necessarily what you are told it should be.
Moving forward wholeheartedly has been my measure of true success.

It’s interesting how when one takes the plunge, life seems freer, cleaner and fresher yet those nagging doubts keep pinging in and out, but that’s all they do, ping in and out. I’m back in control always, are you?

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