9 Questions Your Coach May Ask You

While each client (coachee) is different in terms of how many things are covered during a coaching relationship, coach training teaches us to be open to what serves the client.

Additionally, for a client, taking time to reflect on what they accomplished as well as their coaching experience adds value.

Here are examples of questions I might ask during a coaching session:

1. How are you feeling about your coaching experience?

2. What have you accomplished?

3. What is the meaning of your progress and successes?

4.What have you learned?

5.What are your insights?

6.How did coaching help?

7.How will you continue to build on what you have achieved?

8.How can you use the coaching process after coaching?

9.How will you decide when to engage a coach in the future?

As those who have graduated from coaching certification realise, coaching is a privilege because of the trust coachees have in our care of them and their information.

Being a coach is a privilege because as coaches we get to be partners for part of coachees’ journey.  It is a privilege because we invite their self-acknowledgement of their progress and success.  It is a privilege because we empower them to learn and we learn in the process too.

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