Coaching to Develop Workplace Strategies

Last year I coached and mentored two separate individuals into new Executive roles. Different areas of work, professionalism, expertise, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses but similar in terms of the stages identified and plan of action executed to deliver strategic business success.

At the outset, goal-setting, delivering “the dream” or aspiration, there was a need to identify the different stages and thinking process and meaning to each client. This led to specific actions for each stage. My approach consists of honest, ongoing dialogue and setting clear goals.

The relationship I develop with my clients/coachees is not me holding their hand. My job is to help my clients become accountable and responsible for their own paths to success, and to be conscious of the things holding them back.

Having a structured approach allows us to create the environment which will help them become better at this over time, ultimately learning to realise and achieve their potential.

coaching strategies

Both have recently re-engaged my services to look at the stages and points of awareness developed for their new roles and journey moving forward.

The coaching will include:

Preparation – in preparing for work, both clients want to identify who they were going to interact with and plan logistics such as journeying, time management, “navigating the office” and scheduling.

Clarity about Roles and Expectations – each wanted to review their job descriptions, make notes on anything that was unclear, to plan, to learn more, and get the specifics on expectations. To be fair this was achieved to some extent during the vigorous recruitment process both “endured” previously. In my experience as an enthusiastic and ambitious ‘Housing-Bod’, it was always timely to reassess and review roles/responsibilities moving forward.

Understanding the Company – both wanted to take the time to talk to colleagues about the company history, the culture, the vision for the future, company values, and how everyone fit in the big picture. To this end, a list of questions was compiled including a 90-day action plan for direct reports, colleagues, and the board highlighting aspects of the recruitment process, presentation and evaluation of organisational priorities.

Designing Impact – once we knew individual and collective expectations, each wanted to figure out and plan how to meet and exceed them, and where and how were they going to make the greatest impact.

Leadership Style – Both my clients/coachees were committed to plan a review of their leadership style plus strategise how they wanted to enhance their effectiveness and impact in a sustainable way.

Building the Team – one of the clients was new to managing ‘distant’ direct reports and wanted to chart their team including their personalities, strengths, goals, and how to most effectively empower each of them.

Getting Results – As part of their ongoing personal development, that of their direct reports and corresponding teams, both wanted to plan regular reviews of their work, evaluate their results, and to set goals plus design strategies moving forward.

Reflecting – Repeating aspects of the coaching we had previously, it was agreed to plan time to intentionally reflect on the people, culture, and new place of work to identify what was going well and where adjustments might be necessary.

As a trained coach, I work in partnership with you in a process that puts you in charge of being your own best expert. Coaching is a safe opportunity to think and feel deeply then move into experiencing what you want professionally and personally.

My coaching helps to design a plan of action to deliver strategic business success. I help my clients/coachees move into experiencing what they want professionally, in terms of business and personal development.

Success is what you want it to be and not necessarily what you are told it should be. Moving forward wholeheartedly has been my measure of true success.

What does success look like to you?
What have you done or do to achieve success?
What are you going to do today, tomorrow or next week that you believe will lead to a successful outcome?

Do you need some help? 

Get in touch today if you want help in getting clarity and setting some great goals and intention for 2020 and beyond. Depending on what you want to achieve, I may be the person for you, or I’ll know someone else who can.

Maybe you want to create a new product, develop a new service, double your revenue or to achieve your goals?

Let’s achieve strategic business success

Get in touch now, let’s set up a time to talk about what you’d love to see happen this year. I’m here to help you achieve strategic business success.

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