There are five positive coaching habits. And when these habits are applied with a positive coaching mindset, you will predictably inspire winning results and relationships.

These five habits give your team the biggest boost if applied in sequence, but you should still use your knowledge of each team member to determine when to accelerate through or spend more time on a specific habit.

👉 The root meaning of the verb “to coach” means to bring a person from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be.

The inspiring coach focuses more on developing a person’s natural gifts so each team member can realise their potential while shoring up weaknesses to help each team member master his or her job.

These are the five positive habits that inspiring coaches in business practice to build winning teams:

1. Inspiring coaches explain expectations. They take the time to ensure alignment with their teams before moving forward.

2. Inspiring coaches ask questions. A leader asks to clarify a problem, or for ideas and suggestions. Asking questions ignites employee engagement.

3. Inspiring coaches involve team members in creating solutions to improve their work. This enlists ownership because people are committed to things they help create.

4. Inspiring coaches measure results diligently to boost team accountability.

5. Inspiring coaches appreciate people. This builds commitment to sustaining and improving results.

Using each of these habits together can elevate a team’s performance.  If you are a leader in your organisation, you likely spend a lot of time trying to come up with or implement ways to improve team performance or team effectiveness. 

As a leader, establishing and clearly defining what success will look like for a given project is of paramount importance.

Second to that is successfully communicating the idea of success you’ve developed to your team in a way that clarifies both goals and expectations.

When the members of an effective team know what is expected of them, they are much more likely to perform to their full potential.

When that understanding spreads across the team, you have set yourself on the path to success.

Communication allows everyone to know where everyone else is at in terms of fulfilling their responsibilities, and that provides a serious layer of accountability.

👉 Valuable employees don’t want to be the person holding the team back.

Sufficient feedback from the boss and from other team members also allows for course correction if any one task or role has gotten out of sync with the others, saving valuable time and resources before things go awry. 

The increase in engagement you’ll get from teammates who trust each other and have honestly bought in will set the wheels in motion for greater productivity and creativity, which leads to increases in both quantity and quality of work produced — a win for everyone.

Think about it…then get in touch.  You’ll be surprised at what a good coach can help you achieve.

5 Coaching Team Habits that Increase your Team’s Productivity

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