How to Get Back an Hour Every Day – Training Course by Deb Maes

As an Executive Coach & Mentor, I totally get and understand that training and knowledge is key to one’s personal development and business growth.

We all have a lot on our plates; we have so much to do, think about doing and get done.

That’s why The Answer is Yes was founded to become a site that provides all the training needs of a business owner and their staff.

Many business owners are paying expensive consulting fees or hiring specialist staff to fill a need in a business. Why pay consulting fees for information and training that we tell everyone.

So if we find ourselves repeating or saying the same thing we decided that should be an online training course. Businesses then have a choice as to whether they want to pay consulting fees or do ‘Yes’ online training courses.

Doing the online training courses is a cost-effective solution for business owners. Instead of stretching out our courses and training programs, we offer you a cost-effective, time-friendly one-stop-shop for all your business’s training needs.

Along the way, we found other Subject Matter Experts, people who had over 10 years application of their knowledge in their respective sectors and convinced them to turn their skills and knowledge into practical training courses

How to Get Back an Hour Every Day by Deb Maes

Time is like a river—it keeps flowing constantly.  As you try to guide your teams on how to sail through their obstacles and reach their destination in time, you need to learn the concepts that govern optimum efficiency.

Imagine if you were somehow able to get back an hour of time to use on productive tasks every single day.

Imagine if every one of your team members could get one more hour of work done every day, without having to work overtime.

Achieving this feat is what this course is all about.

This course will teach you how to train yourself and your teams psychologically and rationally to understand the concept of time management—not only from a goal completion perspective but also from a technological, behavioural, and practical point of view.


The course will teach you to focus on all the little quirks and cracks in your work methodologies that end up wasting an hour of your day—one to three minutes at a time. But that’s not all. It will also teach you and your team a way to work around this problem in a self-gratifying way.

By being increasingly productive with lesser effort and improving their confidence in the process.

It’s time to forget about what you think you know about time and take on a new approach that is bound to put you ahead of your peers. So, join the program and empower your staff to take back an hour—every day!

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