Why Choose ‘The Answer Is Yes’

As an Executive Coach & Mentor, I totally get and understand that training and knowledge is key to one’s personal development, business growth.  

We all have a lot on our plates; we have so much to do, think about doing and get done.

That’s why The Answer is Yes was founded to become a site that provides all the training needs of a business owner and their staff.

Many business owners are paying expensive consulting fees or hiring specialist staff to fill a need in a business. Why pay consulting fees for information and training that we tell everyone.

So if we find ourselves repeating or saying the same thing we decided that should be an online training course.

Businesses then have a choice as to whether they want to pay consulting fees or do ‘Yes’ online training courses.

Doing the online training courses is a cost-effective solution for business owners. 

Instead of stretching out our courses and training programs, we offer you a cost-effective, time-friendly one-stop-shop for all your business’s training needs!

Along the way, we found other Subject Matter Experts, people who had over 10 years application of their knowledge in their respective sectors and convinced them to turn their skills and knowledge into practical training courses.

? We want to be the business you turn to for All your Training Needs.


How to Get Back an Hour Every Day – Deb Maes (Trainer)

Time is like a river—it keeps flowing constantly.  As you try to guide your teams on how to sail through their obstacles and reach their destination in time, you need to learn the concepts that govern optimum efficiency.

Imagine if you were somehow able to get back an hour of time to use on productive tasks every single day.

Imagine if every one of your team members could get one more hour of work done every day, without having to work overtime.

? Achieving this feat is what this course is all about.

This course will teach you how to train yourself and your teams psychologically and rationally to understand the concept of time management—not only from a goal completion perspective but also from a technological, behavioural, and practical point of view.

How to get an hour back

Visit the How to Get Back an Hour Every Day link to purchase the course today.

Change and Resilience – Leah Shmerling (Trainer)

The only consistent thing in life is change. We cannot avoid it, some of us fight it, and a few struggle to accept it.  Most of us are aware of this proverb.

Yet, when the time comes, we find that the proverb—while educational—doesn’t offer a solution for what to do when change hits us.

? The answer to this question can be summed up in one word—resilience.

Resilience involves behaviours, thoughts, and actions that you can learn and develop over time.

Adding things to your personality that will make you more logical and prepared to take on the psychological challenges brought on by changes, the road to resilience is likely to involve considerable emotional distress.

This course will help learn how to:

  • Change your perspective about changes
  • Get strategic about your goals
  • Operate on logic over emotion
  • Bolster your personality
  • Transition through changes in a non-stressful way
  • Review your life and correct your course based on your end goals

Click this link to purchase the Change and Resilience course.

Master Your Time, Master Yourself – Barbara Clifford (Trainer)

By taking this course, you will gain personal insight into the ways in which you respond to tasks, activities and prioritising your work load.

Master your time, master yourself

In this course we cover a range of tools and strategies, that you can use that will demonstrate innovative techniques to become far more effective in managing your work at hand.

Visit the Master Your Time, Master Yourself – Barbara Clifford (Trainer) link to purchase the course.

Managing Career Change – Leah Shmerling (Trainer)                                

This course offers a strategic way for you to manage your career change while minimising stress, maximising your organisational skills, and making sure you inch closer to your career goals throughout the process. 

Offering insights from a career coach with decades of experience, this course will teach you how to:

  • Undertake informed career decisions
  • Create a career makeover that meets your career goals, identity, and lifestyle
  • Tackle challenges in a strategic way
  • Set your professional development imperatives straight
  • Streamline your career transition
  • Design an action plan to action your professional development
  • It’s time to navigate your career changes, instead of being defeated by them!

Visit this Managing Career Change link to purchase the course today.

Learn How to Focus and manage Your Mind – Leah Shmerling (Trainer)

This course will teach you how to focus on the right things and manage your mind for optimum efficiency. You will learn how to apply mindfulness techniques to bring out the best in you.

The only way to increase satisfaction at work and in your personal lives is to manage your mind and get control.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of mindfulness
  • Analyse difficult emotions and apply mindfulness techniques to respond proactively rather than react
  • Apply a range of mindfulness tips to cultivate mindfulness practices
  • Identify your Circle Of Control, and develop your Circle of Influence
  • Enhance mindful practices to assist your professional practice
  • Practice mindfulness techniques in a range of situations that include: informal, formal, stress, and self-care

Visit the Learn How to Focus and manage Your Mind link to purchase the course today.

It’s your Business

Eight Stages of Business Growth – Dr. Peter Ellis

To see what is expected of a business owner to organise for Stabilising, Changing or Growing Indicators. This course covers both the position you are in and the next position you wish to attain in your business.

Understanding the “Eight Stages of Business Growth” and shows you that every private sector business that wants to grow either a little or all the way up to a medium size enterprise, must go through as many as Seven Levels of Growth

In addition to the sizes of micro, small and medium enterprises, this course breaks down the interim stages where over half of growing businesses are either growing OUT of one size or INTO another.

It is at that stage that they are often stuck between sizes as they are unaware of how to ‘Transition’ any further.

? This course is a roadmap for business growth.

Purchase Eight Stages of Business Growth course today.

The Business Owners Keys to Successful Management – Dr. Peter Ellis (Trainer)

Whether you are a new business or ready to grow, The Business Owners Keys to Successful Management Programme is an online training that will have you thinking about your business in ways you never thought possible!

? Business ownership – it’s tough. 

Until now, you just had to jump in, together with your hopes and fears. You put in your heart and soul, which exhausts you, but your business is everything you have ever wanted.  Are you prepared to keep going at full strength?

Are you ready to make your dream grow? Do you want to turn your passion project grow from a micro one-person business into a small or medium enterprise?

Learn new business skills.  Do you know how to do that? Or will you just hope for the best?  Are you ready to change your mindset? Get on board, change the structure of your business; start setting out processes and procedures?

? A must go to be on course.

Purchase The Business Owners Keys to Successful Management course today.

The Key Areas that take you from Faking it to Making it as a Business Owner – Dr. Peter Ellis

This is an online training course that will have you thinking about your business in ways you never thought possible.  Business ownership – it’s tough.

The Key Areas that Take you from ‘it to Making it as a Business Owner’ is a short overview course that was made for the busy business owner!

With profit, purpose and passion, you have the power to create an unstoppable business.

? We teach you how to get there.

Visit the The Key Areas that take you from Faking it to Making it as a Business Owner link to purchase the course.

Learn How to Build Authentic Relationships through Networking – Leah Shmerling (Trainer)

Networking is the art of creating and maintaining relationships that have the potential of benefiting you in the future—be it in your professional life or personal.

In this course, we will teach you how to be confident, charming, charismatic, and cheerful—how to have a personality that everyone wants to add to their network, so you can build authentic relationships.

The course will also dispel common networking myths and give you a roadmap of building a profitable network.

Click this link to purchase the ‘Learn How to Build Authentic Relationships through Networking’ course.

Understanding your business finances at a glance – Dr. Peter Ellis (Trainer)

Whatever stage of business you are in; finances should not scare you, but enable you to take control of your business. 

The Financial Management Indicators, these can control your cash-flow and the decisions you make affect how you control the speed of your business activities.  

Financial Management Indicators enables you to know how your business is doing, what your accounts are telling you and as a result, you are able to make real business decisions at a glance.

Visit the Understanding your business finances at a glance link to purchase the course.

How to Create a Business Plan – Steven Franks (Trainer)

This course shares actionable insights into the technicalities that go into creating a business plan.

Taking you step-by-step through the process so the end result will include a Business Plan Report and Business Plan Financial Projections.

Visit the How to Create a Business Plan link to purchase the course now.

Creating a positive mindset in your workplace – Corrina Lindby (Trainer)

This course will help managers and leaders deploy strategies that instil good ethics in their employees and improve their work culture.

To be productive, your employees need a place where they can be liberated from negativity and stress. A negative work culture causes the company to lose quality talent.

Course Objectives:

  • Reducing workplace bullying
  • Opening new channels of Decreasing workplace stress
  • Exploring new avenues for productivity
  • Eliminating backbiting
  • Promoting a positive environment for every employee.

Visit the Creating a positive mindset in your workplace link to purchase the course now.

How to Build Your Dream Team –  Katie Jones (Trainer)

The purpose of this course is to help Team Leaders build employee engagement within their teams that produce highly effective teams.  You will learn practical steps on how to innovate, boost workplace collaboration and improve your work culture

Course Objectives:

  • Building a shared vision
  • Discovering your team purpose
  • Establishing team values and behaviours
  • Creating team communication
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities

Visit the How to Build Your Dream Team link to purchase the course today.

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