Why Choose ‘The Answer Is Yes’

We all have a lot on our plates; we have so much to do, think about doing and get done. That’s why The Answer is Yes was founded to become a site that provides all the training needs of a business owner and their staff.

Achieving Business Success

What do you think is needed in order to achieve success? Personal success and business success. Well, a coach and a mentor could come in handy, but more importantly you need someone who’s going to understand the journey that you’re on.

What does a Business Coach do?

In the world of competitive sports, coaches tell you what you need to do better. As a small business coach, I work with you on “you and your business”.  I help you develop your purpose and often ask you questions to help you discover your own “whys”.

What It Takes to Start and Succeed in Business

What does it take to start and succeed in business? That’s a question I get asked a lot. Although there is no one answer that fits all businesses, there are a number of practices followed by successful business owners. Below are some common themes.