Why Coaching

Why You Need a Series of Coaching Sessions?

Most of us understand the importance of regular physical check-ups and the health benefits: the annual wellness-visit to our doctors and the essential dental hygienist appointments.

Then there are all the fads, quick, short-term and long-term programmes, session visits to this, that and the other.  All to improve and address issues with our lives, be healthy physically and sometimes mentally.

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Business Systems

How to Declutter and Systematise your Business

I have seen businesses both flourish and falter over multiple decades and multiple continents. Anecdotal differentiators are decluttering your business and having systems as foundations. These save time – and enable automation as your business grows.

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business systems

5 Key Business Systems at the Centre of your Bourgeoning Business

Just like an engine, a business needs each of its part to function properly in achieving its goals. That is why it’s important to set up and run efficient systems in your growing business.

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Should Coaches Ask “Why” Questions?

Coaching questions are the stock and trade of professional life, business, and executive coaches. Knowing what to ask, when to ask, and how to ask coaching questions is a major part of becoming an effective coach. But there are certain types of questions that tend to be frowned upon, because they often yield poor results.

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Finding your self

Finding the Best Version of Yourself

So what is the best version of yourself?

You don’t know…nor do I.  I don’t know what the best version of myself is.  I am unlikely to know what the best version of you is.  What I do know now(ish), is the version(s) of me I do not like and do not want to be (let’s get  one thing clear, you’ll not be getting a list of what it will take to become the best version of you…sorry)!

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Boost your overall wellbeing

Why you need Personal or Career Coaching

The sun has been out. Do I note a spring in your step?  If not, read on.

You have been given a snippet or two of what a coach can do.  Coaching has become instrumental in helping leaders get to the next level and sustain high levels of well-being.

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